Mittelständische Energiewirtschaft Deutschland e.V.

Welcome to the MEW,

The MEW is an umbrella organisation for the small and mid-sized petroleum and energy industry in Germany. We have four members, all of whom are mid-sized energy associations with a focus on petroleum as an energy source:


The Foreign Trade Association for Petroleum and Energy (AFM+E) unifies the small and mid-sized enterprises of energy importers and wholesalers, most of whom are from the petroleum segment. We thus represent about one-third of all German gas oil (that is, diesel and light fuel oil) imports.


The Federal Association of Independent Service Stations (bft) represents around 2,500 independent German service stations or around 15 percent of all German service stations.


The Society for the Promotion of Inexpensive Energy (FPE) conceives of itself primarily as a lobbying network for heavy fuel oil as an energy source.


The Independent Fuel Depot Association (UTV) mainly represents small and mid-sized enterprises that lease fuel depots totalling more than 11 million cubic meters of tank space for producers and retailers and for emergency reserves.


The MEW conceives of itself as a political association, meaning that we want to be a contact partner above all for politicians. We therefore have our registered office in Berlin, directly in the government quarter, near the parliament, government, representative offices of the federal states and other political powers.

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